Lagos Fashion

Lagos Fashion and Ready-to-Wear Garment Exhibition in Nigeria

The event is organized by Atlantic Exhibition Nigeria Limited with the purpose of bringing together the ready to wear fashion and cosmetology industries to benefit from both Nigeria and international professionals in their industry.

It will provide the participants with opportunities to get in contact with other businesses and attract local and foreign investors.


It has been discovered that exhibitions are a powerful tool in promoting, marketing, and discovering the latest trends within the industry. It is also one of the most powerful, versatile, and cost-effective marketing tools in the commercial industry.

Some reasons include:

1. Generate and Organize organic sales leads

2. Building business relationships

3. Recruit new distributors and sales team

4. Increase Awareness

5. Survey market awareness

6. Find Potential Investors

7. Launching of latest products and services

8. To gather information and content on new trends and dynamics.

Other reasons include:

1. Benefit to meet with the Nigerian fashion and ready-to-wear garment industry professionals. 

2. Evaluate the Nigerian market and realize the possibilities of how to make business with Nigerian businessmen.

3. See the possibilities of making contacts to export their products to Nigeria and establish direct investments, open factories, or offices in Nigeria.

4. See the best quality fashion and ready-to-wear garment industry products from all over the world.

5. Meet directly with the professional managers, decision-makers from the fashion, and ready-to-wear garment manufacturing countries.

6. Directly discuss business possibilities with the exhibitors.